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04-16-2012, 04:55 AM
U.S.S Iwo Jima-Prometheus Class Escort: Named after WW2 Battle,also Aegis Class Destroyer
U.S.S Antietam-Odyssey Class Cruiser: Named After Civil War Battle
U.S.S Midway-Odyssey Class Cruiser: Named For WW2 battle,also Us Navy Aircraft Carrier
U.S.S Gettysburg-Hermes Class Escort: Named For Civil war battle
U.S.S Pacific Odyssey Class Cruiser: Named for the ocean(lol)
U.S.S Bunker Hill Galaxy Class Cruiser: Named For revolutionary war battle
U.S.S Discovery Avenger Class Star Cruiser: Named For Shuttle
U.S.S Freedom Yellowstone Class Shuttle: becuase i love freedom
U.S.S Fall Of Liberty Sovereign Class Cruiser: IDK random name i came up with