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04-16-2012, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by gpxmanny
I would suggest using one person in Melee - do not use pulsewave method from the beginning - have the group burn down Armek quickly from range, the moment the shields come up, have the group run in and use the pulsewave positioning to deal with Armek.

That should be quite effective - until the next stupid tweak that renders it useless...
Depends on the team, but for my money you've got it 100% backwards. 4 people with pulsewaves slightly down hill of Armek, with number 5 parked in one of the top corners with a sniper rifle(right one seems to work better for some reason).
The 4 pulsewaves will kill Armek most of the time, if they don't then number 5 finishes the job off.
At 31 m distance Armek will be blind to the sniper who can turn on auto-fire and read the newspaper while Armek is finished off. The now dead teammates don't need to do anything else, spamming turrents doesn't help because Armek can't see the sniper anyway so they don't distract Armek form anything, and if someone spawns turrets\pets or stands by the shield in the wrong spot, it is possible that Armek will move so that the sniper is now visible and you have to start the whole thing over again.

Really no-one should die more than once taking Armek out, bad luck not withstanding.