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04-16-2012, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by TheWackyWombat View Post
Honestly, it falls into a fairly strange place.

Although you could try and build it with cannons, the base turn rate makes it very difficult to use even with a RCS. You could try and build it like a cruiser, but it really lacks the HP to be an effective tank.

I tried a few builds with it and the best use I could find for it was as an Excalibur stand in. Since I was never a fan of the Excalibur in the first place, I've already stopped using it for anything besides running Doff missions.
I agree. I've always been an Escort captain because I simply hate the flying bricks. That said, this is fun for playing something like a cruiser but with a better turn rate. I have also experimented with Single/Dual canons/turrets but the best seems to be Beems and Torps. The Missles really have little effect on a target with even minimal shielding. The best I can say is that the onboard Mail/Bank/Exchange/Duty Officers is a very nice addition and I'd like to see that on all ships. Unfortunately I see myself getting bored very quickly and changing back to my Defiant or Veranus.