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04-16-2012, 10:07 AM
I made the switch from all Borg Mk XII Antiproton to Mk XII Borg Tetryon weapons.

I really like Antiproton energy weapons because of the larger punch they can pack but I made the move to Tetryon to be more specialized in shield cracking.

I tested a couple of setups and found varying results.

The Build I settled for looks like this:

Defiant Refit
Forward weapons
2 x Mk XII (Borg) Tetryon DHC and 2 x Mk XII (Borg) Photon Torpedo

AFT 3 x Mk XII (Borg) Tetryon Turret

Tetryon is outstanding for ripping down shields; however, they really donít do much damage to bare hull and thatís where my Photon Torpedoís come in.

Using Tetryon Dual Canons, I was able to bring down shield facing in about 2 seconds but the overall damage to the bare hull was to low IMO and I decided to go with DHC for a bit more damage.

If youíre running a Shield stripping build with Tetryon Glider then Tetryons are the way to go.

Antiproton weapons can hit much harder than Tetryon but can sometimes take much longer to bring down shield facings but against bare hull they can be quite devastating.

I use my rapid fire photon torpedo setup to balance out my overall DPS.

There will never be a perfect for all energy weapon type; however, there will always be perfect for your build energy weapon types.