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So i need some advice...
I have the Galor in box (got it from one of gold boxes long ago) and dont know what to do with it. I have sci captain as "main" character, he has tons of those borg stuff, so he can buy any weapons just for testing (and already has lots of different weapons and consoles for them) and has mk12 maco / mk11 omega sets. Will Galor be good for sci?
I also have tac and captains but i haven't played them a lot, they are 50 but with no gear at all, so i will have to use ship with default equipment to start from... so its an option ony if it will be really better.
Also i dont want to sell it because i just dont need those EC.
Or may be i should try to exchange it to ferengi ship? But i dont think so, as it looks as another "space truck" for me with those 8 turn rate... and i dont like those.