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04-16-2012, 05:03 PM
Originally Posted by cliftona91
Galor's just don't have the science boff's to be an effective ship for a Science officer, I'd go with Engineer or Tactical.
And i dont need sci abilities. I will use a it as regular cruiser, say with broadside beams. What will i loose being sci instead of eng? I dont see any really good eng captain abilities. But tac ofc have some nice damage buffs.

Originally Posted by Nick_Riker
Galor is a lot like the Excelsior. Not very tanky or good at being a healbot, but its an excellent tac cruiser. The turn rate and spiral wave disruptors make it worthwhile for a tac.
Yes, looks so. It seems to be good for damage dealing, and its what i am looking for. But again what difference it will be tac or sci captain? Of cource tac will have higher dps, but how much higher?