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04-16-2012, 05:54 PM
Overall, I'd drop HYT for FAW. Unless you're soloing.
If ES is Extend shields, I'm not a fan on a tank build. Reason being, it's only usable on allies, not yourself. Where I try to make myself as indestructible as possible. Some things are more useful as they can be used on both myself and allies (Eng teams, Aux2SIF, HE, Sci team, Tac Team).
Also, EWP is not easy to make real useful on a cruiser (without Aux2Damp, and even then...).
RSP3 or EP2SIF3 would be more useful on a tanking cruiser setup. Even ES3, to be really honest.
I'm not a huge fan of Aux2Damp. Things may have changed since I last used it though, to be fair.
I guess, my mindset is that my job is to keep the majority of the aggro, and to survive it, and to heal/support when I can afford the cooldown.
I had a tactical teammate for damage. While more helps, it's not my job.

Here's what I've found to work pretty well:
*DISCLAIMER*: YMMV. Also, I am always trying out new builds.

Lt Tac - FAW 1, APD 1
Ens Tac - Tac Team 1 (maybe torp spread for missions)
Cdr Eng - Eng 1, RSP 1, EP2S3, RSP3
LCd Eng - Eng 1, Aux2SIF 1, EP2S3
Lt Sci - Sci Team 1, HE 2

FAW works nicely in generating threat (particularly for taking the alpha) with my 6 points in starship threat control. And with everyone and their brother targeting you, delta is handy.
Tac, Eng, Sci teams and HE (beyond their regular utility) are great for clearing debuffs.
I could really probably do without dual RPS's, but hey... in a sticky situation, I like having both around.
I keep a ton of Aux batteries around too. I use them A LOT.
I like Aux2SIF more than eng team (fast recharge AND dmg resist), so that's why I stashed them both in the ens slots. Just my opinion.

Also, the subspace field modulator (from "Skirmish") can be very handy. Well, as long as you're not tanking devidians.

Anyhoo, hope that helps, and good luck!