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Announcing the Premier of my new Foundry Mission Teaser Trailer TECHNOBABBLE:

Mission Currently available in Review Stage

Author: Klintobean
Level: 41+ Recommended
Faction: Federation

*Unique Maps
*Entertaining Dialogue
*Not Combat Heavy

Mission Description:

The Quadrant's most popular up-and-coming Cardassian techno music artist "DJ Spoonhead" has mysteriously gone missing just before his live concert on the beaches of Risa, for what has been deemed "the most anticipated Cardassian Techno Music Tour event of the century".

Accusations involving his record label funding the Orion Syndicate have been making their way into music headlines recently. Starfleet is dispatching you to investigate his disappearance at the request of the Cardassians.

TECHNOBABBLE Mission Teaser Image