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04-16-2012, 08:51 PM
"Pushing the tech boundaries" sounds a lot like an excuse for not making new content.

Kestrel has notebooks piled high with content that could be made with the current tools I'm sure...stop pushing the boundaries of technology and push the boundaries of the human experience already. Even the Trek writers knew they had to have some character development in between technobabble and starship scenes.

Even the nice simple dailies like in Deferi space (one of which was made by Dan Stahl I believe) would be welcome if they came in at a steady pace and could be done on our schedule and not us planning our lives around YOUR calendar.

I heard, paraphrased: "We COULD make content regularly with the existing tools but instead we want a new gimmick in each mission"

I'd like to see the Devs take their own advice and instead of asking the Foundry authors to develop themed content I want to see the Content designers take a Foundry challenge and use the Foundry tools or their Dev tools and create a mission based around the same idea Branflakes throws at us.

Some of the classic/best Sci-Fi was told with a constrained budget and resources. That's why there's so much of the human experience in Trek, they never had a huge budget for mindless Michael Bay-splosions and such. The worst stories are usually the ones told with the most gimmicks and tech behind them (The 2800 seems to be the least popular and maybe most disappointing FE to date and it seemed to have the most bells and whistles).

I just wish, after the second time using "we're always pushing the boundaries of tech and so that delays content production" someone on the P.O. podcast would have stepped up and asked a followup to the tune of "Why don't you make more content with the tools you have? Or make that content while those other tools are still in development?" instead of reminiscing and making jokes. Maybe they did and I just didn't notice then again after the second time that excuse was used and no followup came I just stopped listening.