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04-16-2012, 10:19 PM
Originally Posted by Mac_Trekkie View Post
Well I managed to get my hands on one, count it, ONE gold box, and when I opened it I got the cross faction console box. Unfortunately I just can't get enough money to get another gold box off the exchange, and I haven't found one yet either. How often have you guys found them, and how many did you have to open to get your D'Kora?
Too many... it's all luck, but unless you plan to open hundreds, I wouldnt expect a D'Kora... and gold lock boxes are rare as is, and are becoming even rarer next patch (just the fact they will be bound, so can't buy them off exchange).

Your best bet is probably just to buy Master Keys, sell them on the exchange, and straight buy a Dkora off the exchange. Unless you have a couple hundred dollars you're willing to spend, at least.

For me, I bought 50 keys, didnt get the ship. Bought it off exchange, then decided to get the ferengi set (600 crystals) and other crystal stuff, so opened more lock boxes... got a ship after about $300 worth of master keys (some from $, some from Dilithium, ect), so sold it for my initial purchase back. Got everything I wanted out of it (ship, shuttle, ferengi set), and it's worth it to me (just spent my entertainment $ for the month ), but for most it's probably out of their price range.

And I've been using a typical cruisor beam-boat build on it for STFs. I usually get 5k DPS with my escort, and am now getting only 3.5k DPS, but my survivability is awesome, and it's something different, so I'm fine with it for now. I don't PVP, so can't help you there, but it has plenty of survivability for STFs..