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04-16-2012, 10:56 PM
Originally Posted by masterkamp
No not as a Galaxy variant, the Ambassador is smaller than the Galaxy, so if you do that. than it isn't cannon annymore. The Ambassador comes after the Excelsior Class and bofore the Galaxy. And that's how it must be in the game.
Why? The Ambassador was created by starting with the Galaxy and working backwards. Besides, with the graphics, a smaller ship CAN be made to fit into a larger space. There are several cases in this game where such changes to size are made. Between the up and down swept plyons of the Star Cruiser, the various parts for the Akira/Oslo/Zepher/Thunderchild and the Nova/Quasar/Aurora. The last one the parts can make the ship either very short and squat to long and streamlined to twice the lenght of the short version.