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Captain Salas just returned from holodeck 3 and his old west program. It was a little strange walking back to his quarters wearing a 19th century U.S. Cavalry officer's uniform, but a built up pride swelled within him as he was able to experience part of what his ancestors lived through. His ancestors served in various styles of cavalry scouts (the original deep recon) dating back to Europe in the 16th century. From leading security forces for the Spanish explorer Pedro MenÚndez de AvilÚs in 1565 which established the first settlement in North America, to the battles of Saint-Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne in the first great war.

Raymond was also known by some of his crew as "Cowboy" not because of his holodeck outfit, rather a collection of two dozen sets of genuine Cavalry combat spurs and stetsons which decorated his quarters. He had just finished showering and replicating a hot coffee when the notification came in.

Ensign Lattemore (Communicaitons); Captain you have, Admiral Winstead (Cardassia Prime Federation provisional Governor).

Umoth Prime

Jevak was watching the rising sun from the base of Kullain Ridge and taking in the morning activities of the colony. The daily routines for the Cardassian colony began hours before sunrise as the women would gather the day's water from the deliverance cave. The men would gather their wompat traps and tasper eggs for the days meals. One of the colonists Lenzechak was a young educator prior to the Dominion War and with the aid of Gul Makvek had shaved part of her cave dwelling to a smooth wall allowing her to use chalk stones to give daily lessons to the children.

When the Romulan Reconstruction Team arrived Admiral T'vess repossessed the exsisting homes to utilize as barracks. Romulan Soldiers threw clothing, cookware, and items with little value out into the streets. The Admiral did provide a dozen 22nd Century Federation Replication generators and four power supplies. Everyone looked towards the retired Gul Makvek to lead the Colonists. The men scouted the Kullain Ridge and found a series of caves along which possessed air tubes leading to the peak of the mountains. The deliverance cave led to the highest peak which had extreme weather changes from night and day, in the evenings blizzard conditions would occur and the early mornings throughout the day the snow melted pouring fresh water from the air tubes.

This morning would have appeared as routine as the previous day to an untrained eye, but Jevak was worried. He thought he had seen Jem Hadar in the city, but couldn't be certain because of the distance. He was certain now something was wrong, armed Romulan Soldiers filling the streets and holding formations. Jevak jumped to his feet to warn the others when those Soldiers began walking out of colony towards the ridge.

Raymundo was just dusting off the dust off his chaps and streching his hamstrings form his ride in the holodeck when his comm badge chimed

"Salas, whats up?", he asked as he made his way toward his quarters.

a ensign on the morning shift replied that Admiral Winstead had a message for him, priority one she mentioned.

Ray stopped and dabbed his tanned brow with his bandanna, "its 0630, nothing good ever happens this early, tell the Admiral that i will take his message in my quarters".

Salas entered his room and quickly changing to his duty uniform, "Computer open a comm to Admiral Winstead, and send a message to the senior staff, get them ready for a 0700 meeting."

As Captain Salas leaned back slightly on the Captain's chair, the screen opened with the image of an old worn out Admiral Winstead. After a few personal coureousies the Admiral cut himself short. The elder statesmen leaned forward with a serious scowl "Unfortunately Ray, this isn't a personal call. We have reports from various ships in the Cardassian sector reporting unusual ship communications and signals which up to this point indicate Jem Hadar activity. We don't know if the Alphas are scoping out for expansion or if the Dominion is coming back. We haven't had any unusual traffic from Deep Space 9, but we both know how sly those characters are."

The tiny hairs on the back of the Captain's neck stood up at the notion of Jem Hadar activity. Historical records and Holodeck programs indicated this species were as much warriors as the Klingons and this could end in a messy fight. Admiral Winstead continued to speak "The last report obtained from Starfleet Security is that the Romulans may have encountered two Jem Hadar vessels at Umoth Prime. Coincedentally, their Occupational Governor was murdered shortly after the initial report."

Captain Salas was slightly confused at the moment, Romulans had ships in the area and the resources to resolve an issue with just a couple vessels. "Admiral, is this just an FYI update or is there something your not telling me?". Admiral Winstead wiped the sweat from his brow "Captain, the Romulans are seeking Federation aid in the investigation. They are not popular in the area and their Ship Commanders are reluctant to send away teams with possible attack ships in the area."

This was becoming more strange by the second, the more Captain Salas listened the more it became entwined with other external agendas and mysteries. From Jem Hadar and Romulans which were allied with Undine and seeking Federation support in a Cardassian province sounded more like an old west ambush.

Finally the Admiral spit out the mission " Captain, you will go to the Umoth sector and report to Admiral J'Val and receive further instructions. I know this has a lot of concerns, so keep your eyes opened for any trouble. Winstead out.".

Captain Salas sat quiety trying to figure out everything going on, nothing made sense and he was certain the staff wouldn't blindly jump into Romulan sectors without questions..Unfortunately Raymundo didn't have any.

"Jem`Hadar, so the Alphas are testing the water. but why attack a Roumulan outpost, Umoth Prim is't exactly strategic or significant enough to make a political statement." Commander Telru said, brow and antenna creased in thought. Rays first officer had a piratical, if somewhat cold and distant was of solving problems. his years as a beet officer in some of the shadier parts of the federation trade channels. suffice to say there was little movement on the boarders that he did not know of.

"The old DMZ," he continued, "as well as the much of the Cardassian core worlds are still recovering form the falling out of the Cardassian's form the Dominion."

"Frankly!, i don't understand why we are discussing ghost ships, don't forget the murder." Snapped Captains Salas' Chief Medical officer.

"Cho, I have not forgot." Raymundo chided his CMO, Cho'arie despite any serenity her quarter Betazed hearatege may have lent to her the three quarter Bajoran temper shown through through more often than not.

"Si, we are ordered to investigate as we are the best equip in the area. We will be entering the system in a matter of hours for our meeting. Telru, Cho, you will be accompanying me to the meeting with Admiral J'Val" Ray said as he walked toward the the exit. as he reached the door he flashed his staff a smile. come now this pony train dose not drive itself.

Captain Salas sat impatiently through the journey, trying to figure out any clue as to why an attack would take place anywhere near the Umoth system much less Umoth Prime. Yes, the system had colonies, but planets very poor on resources, so close to Federation space they have to know we're listening, and no military advantage to speak of.

Lieutenant B'Vok called back to the Captain "We're entering the Umoth system sir, making orbit around Umoth Prime."

Lieutenant Laura Grimes from the science console spoke up " Sir, no signs of Romulan ships; but there is phaser fire on the planet." Just as Lt. Grimes finished her comment and was about to change her status, a Romulan D'deridex decloaked at the ship's bow. Looking a little flustered thinking she made a mistake, she spoke with a softer tone "Its the Makar sir and Admiral J'Val is hailing us."