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At first Jevak thought he had time, watching the Romulan Soldiers some struggling to make any headway up the ridge, others just lingering at the edge of town, and nowhere near his friends. That was until the group at the edge of town vanished from exsistence only to appear halfway up the ridge. Suddenly what appeared to be a morning of entertainment turned into a serious issue requiring an urgent response.

He began running towards the caves to warn the others. He was afraid to shout out a warning that may help the Romulans locate the makeshift settlement. Running through the paths alerted Jevak of yet another problem, as pebbles and dirt were pushed down along the ledges as if something was knocking them out of place although nothing appeared to be in the area. Could this be what the Romulans are chasing? or worse, the Romulans found a way to create cloaked body armor. He sped up with greater urgency, the extreme heat of Umoth now after forty years began to tug away at his will. His lungs burned with the smothering humidity, sweat pouring like the waters from the air tube; time and again he wanted to quit yet he continued for the sake of the others.

He arrived at the first cave yelling over his exhaustion Gul Makvek!! Trouble!!, the Romulans are coming quickly they'll be here soon! The retired Cardassian officer replied You need to stop drinking Kanar, its effecting your head. The Romulans hadn't left their barracks during daylight since they arrived at the settlement. Either this was a joke or something bad really happened. Makvek stood up and headed to the door, What happened, did someone go into the city? A worn and ragged Jevak entered the door. panting heavily trying to get his words out. No, not us; I thought I saw Saw what demanded Makvek.

Jevak looked up with frightened eyes Jem Hadar. Makvek was stunned for a moment. What were the Jem Hadar doing here? A planet of waste. The retired Officer headed to his chest and pulled out an old Cardassian Uniform. It would never be complete without weapons, but those days were long past now. Jevak looked at him What are you doing? continuing to dress Makvek just snorted I'm going down to talk to the Romulans, You're going to gather the others and move higher up the ridge.