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Ray slowly let out the breath he had taken and loosen the his grip on the chair. True the ship was all ready at yellow alert but he had been so concerned of the Jem`hadar that he had negligeted to sweep for any Roumulan ships in the area. "On Screen Lieutenant, Admiral JVal, if you were a snake you would have bit me in the..well were here. however we should keep this as curt as possible seeing that there seams to be a battle on the ground. not to menchan that we may have some unfriendly's in the neighborhood"

Admiral JVal leaned back in his commander's chair, smiling. Captain, our compliments on your swift arrival. I'd be honored if you and your staff would accompany me in this evening's dinner. Be assured, there is plenty of Romulan Ale on board. As for the firing on the planet, just a few conspirators being dealt with."

Captain Salas
Commander Telru
Lt Cho'arie

The Makar: the captains table dining room.

later that evining the Captain and his first officer and CMO were at the captains table on board the Makar. Raymundo admired the architectural aspects of the room, the room spoke control the bold angles and spartan military colors gave it a feeling of order. Captain Salas sat on the left of the Roumulan commander. opposite the Admiral who sat to the commanders left.

"Admiral," Telru began. "What exactly is going on the planet below?."

Admiral J'Val gave the commander a noncommittal look but before answering the food arrived form the kitchens.

"Come friends, lets....whats the Federation tradition? A Coast?! A Toast! to the strengthening of alliances and a future of joint endeavors."

The table members toasted and drank the light blue liquor.

Captain Salas was the first to break the following scilence. "Si, Admiral J'Val, please tell us of what is going on here and why we are needed?"

Admiral J'Val looked at Captain Salas and smiled You aren't like the other Federation Captains I've met before, you sound too much like a Vulcan. He casually grasped his hands together, and paused a moment looking around the table. He stopped his glance at Commander Tel'ru Sir, you are an Andorian correct?

Commander Tel'ru responded yes sir, I am Andorian and we have a keen sense when someone is avoiding the question sir. Admiral J'Val began a slight laughter with a sense of anxiety about his aura. The other Romulan officers began to chuckle as well. I hear the Andorians make a wonderful beverage as well, its said that in the 21st century an Andorian gave a Romulan some brandy and turned him into a Vulcan. The Romulans at the table began laughing hard at the comment, but Captain Salas maintained his straight face expecting a more military answer to his question. The table quieted down and the Romulans began eating their meal.

Captain, please enjoy your meal and I will share what I have regarding the situation. The Admiral slowly waved his hand across the table indicating that everyone should enjoy the meal. The Starfleet officers waited for Ray to take the first bite, but after a brief moment everyone began eating.

J'Val looked at Captain Salas. On stardate 25877.29 at approximately 2300 hours, one of our crew members identified two Jem Hadar vessels in this system. They appeared but for a moment then no trace of them since. The next morning at 0900 the Romulan Governor of the Umoth system was assassinated in his quarters. Since we have not seen any sign of the Jem Hadar after 2300, we assume that an unknown number of their species are still on the planet. Our scans haven't picked anything up and we believe they are being aided by a group of Cardassians which are living in those same mountains and resisting the order we are providing.

Commander Tel'Ru politely spoke up, Sir, our sensors picked up phaser fire on the planet along those ridges. The Admiral looked at the first officer for a moment Yes, I should have realized Starfleet's sensors are advanced enough to identify that. The other day we captured a few of the leaders of the rabble. They were tried according to galactic law, judged, and their sentences carried out. Tel'Ru followed up with another inquiry Sir, our sensors also indicated that only Romulans are residing in the colony, what happened to the Cardassians?

The Admiral sat back uncomfortably and then realized some of the officers at the table stopped eating. Please, Please enjoy yourselves. He called back to the service to refill the glasses with Romulan Ale.

What are you doing? continuing to dress Makvek just snorted I'm going down to talk to the Romulans, You're going to gather the others and move higher up the ridge.

Jevak and Makvek left the cave at the same time, while Jevak headed up the ridge; Makvek confidently headed down to meet the Romulan patrols. Jevak began running again, but stopped long enough to see the Colonies hero shot by a team of Romulan phasers. He struggled up the hill, but the patrols were moving faster as they would materialize further up. As one patrol was materialed in a sector of the ridge a second patrol dematerialized only to reappear even higher in a different sector. Jevak was able to reach and warn several families, but arrived at Lenzechak's cave too late. The charming instructor and a class of ten children missing with tablets broken on the floor and furniture tipped over in disarray.

Captain Salas
Commander Telru
Lt Cho'arie

The Makar: the captains table dining room.

Captain Salas looked to his right to watch his Chief Medical Officer. he hazel eyes were like stone. staring intently at the Admiral. hands gripping her knife and fork with a white knuckle grip. Raymundo know that he had to think quickly least this spiral into a diplomatic quandary.

"Well," said the Captain, leaning back esaly and pulling out his napkin and dabbing at his mouth. "Starfleets orders for me is simply the investigation Jem`Hadar activity's in the sector. the best place to start is on the surface. after all we can hardly learn with out... talking with all involved. And I am sure as you know the Praetors interests is to... keep the peace. Form our collective scans it does seam that the trouble makers or in the mountins. your men keep doing your thing and well send a small team behind there lines and work our magic, cut them off at the pass if you will" the captain gave a low chuckle at this. "My first officer will Take the Archangel and begin a sweep of the local systems for the rogue Jem`Hadar attack ships." The captain placed the napkin on his plate, downed the remainder of his ale, and flashed the Romulan's and smile. "Adios Admiral, if you excuses us."

the three officers filed out of the officer, Admiral J'Val with a angry look on his face. Telru looked at Cho'arie as they made there way toward the transporter room he watched as her shoulders and fists got tighter and tighter. as the party mertilized in the Archangels transporter room she turned to Raymundo and hissed, "How could they! Prophets damn them even though they are Cardassians the Romulans are no different form how the Cardassians treated the Bajorians.... they...they.....

Telru put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "let the dead rest, do what you can for the living"

Ray taped his comm badge, "Lt Alem, Mitsuko, report to transporter room 1" Command Telru, you have the com. Find those ships. well take the Peregrine Fighter, Richthofen, will set up a camp and get in contact over a secure channel." As he said this the two lieutenants walked in. "All righto then, i don't know what were ridding into but be prepared, saddle up and ride."