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Captain Salas

>>>Shuttle Fighter Richthofen<<<

The Richthofen broke below cloud cover as it made its decent over the baked desert landscape. from the captains view at the helm he got a good lay of the land. There was group cluster of out buildings that he knew lead to a interconnected subterranean network. To the East was rolling hills with the odd upthrust of broken rock. There was the continental dived to the west that created a series of jagged peaks and valleys for about a thousand Kilometers and stretched south and north as far as he could see. Further west of the mountains was a rolling sea of dunes. He Adjusted coarse for one of those valleys.

As the craft got closer he was able to see more detail. from a v shaped notch in the mountains there was a dam, form it flowed a small river that supplied most of the towns water. it snaked its way north of the town and feed a few farm steads that managed to cling to the barren land.

"Chip" Ray said, "what is your tactical thinking on this here LZ?"

Shihab shifted in his chair to where he could see a sensor read out of the area. "If there are still any living cardassians they would have fled to the most defensible area, which would be here." he said as he highlighted a area on the scanner map south west of the dam. "its the main source of water its closed off on three sides."
"Sir I'm seeing servile Life signs moving around about three quarters of the way down the mountain" Mitsuko added, " I can not get a good read being that most are under ground but i think that i am detecting still living Cardassins trying to escape. There are also eight Roumulan squads conducting a sweep of the cave network." The holo stopped for a moment to analyze. odds of the Cardassians making it to safety is statistically unlikely Sir.

"well we will just have to give the Roumulans something better to think about than the Cardassian Civies." Raymundo said rubbing his hands. "Mitsuko use the sensory data to estimate the next patrol pop in, Lt. Alem Set Fore Phaser array to .001% power. I'll sweep in low and see if we can buy some time, let play some good ol wack'a'mole!"

Three days of traveling up the ridge and trying to stay ahead of the patrols was taking its toll on the colonists as they traversed through the rough conditions. Since the escape began, the refugees lost fifteen members as the elderly couldn't maintain the pace. All that were left were twenty adult men thirty five women, and thirty children too young to attend classes.

The group was moving slow as the adults took turns carrying supplies and the toddlers up the draws. There were very few breaks during those days with the longest being an hour to change into heavy clothing as they were reaching the snow peaks and again to remove the extra weight once they cleared the extreme conditions. With the Romulan soldiers keeping pace, the group broke off into four smaller teams led by former Soldiers and survivalists each taking different paths to the Gultran farms.

Jevak chose to lead the smallest team with seventeen others to traverse the deep crevasses leading down the ridge. The former special operations ground combat specialist doubled the weight his group would carry to attempt to deceive the Romulans into thinking this was the main group. With difficult terrain any experienced team leader would understand the dangers of transporting through these areas.

Jevak's group was moving down the ridge struggline with every step; when a Romulan assault team began to materialize in front of them. For a moment he thought the group was done for, but as the Romulans became solid they were once again dematerialized and disappeared.

>>>Shuttle Fighter Richthofen<<<

Lieutenant Alam began tapping multiple keys, Captain Salas knew he was up to something but was amazed how quickly his junior was moving. He saw one othe person during his career move this quickly and that person was Captain Data.

What's going on Chip?, Alam continued with the keys We have a group of unarmed Cardassians and a Romulan patrol materializing slightly to our north sir. I'm hacking into the Romulan transporter system to obtain the patrol's signals.. A moment later Chip looked at the Captain I just sent them into the peaks sir, they'll be alright but very cold. This will bide us some time. If you want, there is just enough space to land this by the Cardassians but the shuttle is too small to carry all of them.


The group was stunned, what happened just now. Jevak knew the group had no weapons so the colonists didn't do it, could it be a problem with the Romulan transporter..that could be something no officer would wish on anyone. Just then a Shuttlecraft came into sight; it wasn't a Romulan.. It was Federation and as it passed overhead Jevak thought he saw a human make a casual wave or salute. Jevak's group was safe, but what about the others??