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Lt Alem walked off the gangway of the Richthofen as the dust settled, HOIS wrist bad to see if Mitsuko picked up any further Romulan activity. he dobbled checked his phaser rifle settings and waved to Captain Salas to come out.

Ray stepping into the sun placed a straw hat on his head and nodded to Jevak and walked over and came to a stop and reached a hand out to the Cardassian, "Raymundo Salas, Captain of the USS Archangel" Looking Javak in the eye he frowned. "I am just sorry we could not get here sooner"

Umoth Prime Romulans

The transporter crewman was stunned, he just materialized a patrol at the western base of the ridge. Now his sensors were picking up Cardassians and two humans. The Romulan patrol on the other hand were being tracked 500 meters up the ridge in the blizzard conditions. Commander can you come here and look at this? Commander Vesna looked away from her map with a disciplined and practiced demeanour; there couldn't be something going on yet. The Cardassians hadn't completely crossed the ridge so they hadn't come to the town yet. She walked over to the transporter station and reviewed the records, everything leading up to this misplacement were accurate. Try transporting them to that location again, the crewman just looked blank at her and responded I tried Commander, but there is some sort of scrambler in the area that prevents me from locking on to their signals.

The Gathering Kullain Ridge

Jevak was accustomed to military shakes, so he reached out and clasped his hand around the human captains forearm. It took a moment to realize that humans shake with just their hands, but the captain was graceful in this mishap on Jevak's part. Welcome and thank you Captain, I'm former Glinn Jevak Third Order planetary special operations task force. That was a long time ago though. He looked at the Starfleet officer to react, but it was clear this Captain knew that you could take the Soldier out of the uniform, but you couldn't take the uniform out of the Soldier. Jevak felt he could get along with this man, but was still a little nervous to share everything he knew without learning more about this man. Have you found the Jem Hadar? the other day I was standing on the ridge watching the sunrise and thought for a slight moment that I saw two Jem Hadar materialize into the town. The next thing I know these Romulan patrols started chasing us. Because of the rough terrain, this group is trying to bait the Romulans into chasing us. The other groups have whats left of the women and children, any word on their status sir?

Before Captain Salas could respond, he was hailed by the Archangel. What is it Commander? inquired the Captain. Commander Telru here sir, we just had an unidentified trader enter orbit. We started scanning, but their hull prevents external scans. Following the attempt, Admiral J'Val hailed us and informed us that we were not to scan the traders as his patrol has physically inspected all cargo entering orbit.


Tleru sat in the command chair and watched as a civilian freighter dropped out of warp withing sensor range. "Ensign Blackwood, report." The Commander looked over to watch the aged man at his station key in a sensor sweep of the vessel, he frowned

"Commander" he said, "Their hull is plated ageist our sensors, some sort of alloy, lest one that is new to us."

Telru's antenna twitched in irritation. "If the Romulans were following there prototypical than the plantarie orbit should have been declared a no fly zone and all vessels detained, nothing gets in or out. This ship has some gusto to warp in, Helm lay in a intercept course." Telru leaned back in his command chair. but was soon inturupted.

"Commander." Ensign Dillon at the Helm replied. "The war-bird is moving to cut us off."

"Oh he is now?" Telru replied as Mitsuko announced that the war-bird was hailing the Archangel.

"Put him through"

Admiral J'Val appeared on the view screen, as he saw that it was Telru he expression turned smug. Telru glowered back.

"Commander, do not worry about the transport it is on official business of the Romulan Star Empire. we will conduct the inspection of the on board shipment to see that it is in line to our satisfaction. I do believe that your Captains orders were to investigate the neighboring systems for signs of the Jem`Hadar."

Telru knew that there was something not right on that ship, and as much as he would love to break down that unrelenting haughty air, he had to avoid a ought right conflict, for now. "Of course Admiral, i will leave you to your work, and we will be breaking orbit as soon as i get final clearance from Captain Salas"

Umoth Prime Kullain Ridge

"Commander Telru here sir, we just had an unidentified trader enter orbit. We started scanning, but their hull prevents external scans. Following the attempt, Admiral J'Val hailed us and informed us that we were not to scan the traders as his patrol has physically inspected all cargo entering orbit. Kind of reminds me of that time in New Calcutta "

Ray looked up at the sky as though he could see the drama unfolding in orbit above. "well what ever is in that ship will be dealt with in due time. find me those ships, i want to know where they are. you cant plan till all the pieces are on the board. well deal with the Murder investigation here, Salas out."

Raymundo turned and walked to Shihab, "Mitsuko, open a secure channel to the Archangel, link it directly to the bridge."

The short Asian nodded and disappeared much to the surprise of the Cardassians. and spoke form the wrist band saying that the channel was secure.

"Okey Telru, if you mentioned New Calcutta there must be something your not telling me." There was a pause as Telru thought of what to say. "Admiral J'Val know your orders, I don't think he meant to but he just knew too much to just guess form what was mentioned as dinner."

"So i guess it really is like New Calcutta, but remember this is not just some Syndicate Black Market forum where information is worth more than the drink you buy it with." Ray said brushing his hand reassuring against his phaser. "I doubt its hacking otherwise Chip and Mitsuko would have been on it fast... i dont know, i want to say i trust every member of my crew with my life but...." Ray let out a sigh, "The Tal Shier has was of geting information that we cant even think of yet....Listen, get out there and command as you would normally would, break orbit and start your search with where that ship came form. its a long shot but its a start. good will hunting. Salas out"

Mitsuko reappeared next to Lt Alem and Captain Salas turned around to look to see Jevak walk towards him "The sun is setting and we have much ground to cover if we hope to reach shelter."

Ray waved a hand assuringly, "were ready give the location we are trying to reach to my Lt here, he will fly ahead of us with my Chief Medical Officer... Cho? she still on the ship? OCC: Yes i forgot her but i ment to bring her Cho'arie poked her head out of the door of the Richthofen, ear rings glimmering in the fading light. She gave a cold look at the Cardassians and said, "if you have any wounded we have room for a few." and went back inside.

Jevak looked to the Captain and asked, "your coming with us?"

"Sure, a sunset mounten hike, sounds like fun"