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After the invitation to place the injured into the shuttle, Jevak thought for a moment. He could have easily assigned the women in the group to take the trip, however this group was mostly former military and could make the hike. He looked at this new acquaintance for a moment; could he truly trust this human? The colonists trusted the Romulans so long ago and suffered because of it. He decided there was no choice, but to take that chance.

Captain Jevak walked over to a large stone and began to spread a hand written map This group is mainly trained in survival, we were attempting to lure the Romulans away from the weaker groups. We've been tracking three teams chasing us down this path. Thanks to your crewmember, one of them is out of the way for the moment. He pulled out a small vial of black liquid dabbed it onto the tip of his finger and painted three different and winding paths leading to the abandoned buildings. The weaker groups are following these trails, we're going to group up at the abandoned buildings and from there move through the tunnels underneath towards an ancient mining facility. Once we get into the tunnels, sensors can't track us. He pressed his pinky twice on one of the lines and once on a second. These groups have a large number of infants and toddlers, can your shuttle scout these and pick up the children at least?

Lt Shihab Lifted off in the Richthofen with Cho'arie and the wounded Cardassians. he will drop them off at the ron-de-view point and go back to collect the young and elderly. the fighter was only meant to carry two pilots and a dozen troops or so so they could never hope to shuttle everyone. And Raymundo knew that the longer the fighter stayed airborne the more likely it was to be detected by the Romulans.

"Javak", Ray asked pointing to the map, "I take it were moving to here." pointing to a area where to passes came close together and a outcrop overhung the valley.


Four Romulan shuttles connected to the trader, an hour later the original four departed heading to the planet as a second group made connection. Over eight hours the process of shuttle transfer items to the planet continued.

Commander Vesna was busier than normal; originally the quartermaster accepting cargo, since the Admiral's murder she was also coordinating tactical manuevers in an attempt to catch the conspirators. Not knowlegable about the various colonies or settlements of the planet, she struggled with decisions a more tactically experienced commander would. In all actuallity, Sub-Commander Dremoss was leading the movements yet in a very political fashion allowing Vesna to maintain command. We have four groups travelling different paths, one appears to have the ability to effect transporters. Are they heading in any direction? The computer screen had a map of Umoth Prime, but failed to provide the detailed terrain in order to predict movements. None that I can tell Commander, but there is a blip over here and it appears one group is heading towards that

Dremoss punched the keys on his pad connecting to the crewman's screen. Commander, it appears that this group is going towards Gultran Farms.

Now that was something that sparked a little suspicion; the Admiral had been sending deliveries to the farm for months leading up to his untimely demise. Maybe now it was time to investigate what these supplies were.


Jevak nodded to the Captain's inquiry. We will stop at the farm and wait for everyone to arrive. There is a hidden tunnel beneath the hay bales of the cyphon house which leads to ancient mines. We'll walk four days in the tunnels and its dark, damp, and very humid; but once we get in the tunnels we can move at a more liesurely pace.

Captain Salas understood gathering at the city, but everything appeared as though it were a secure position in all directions. The city looks fine, its a very defensable position that can provide plenty of time to respond to any threat approaching. Why do you plan on going into the tunnels? Jevak came to the same conclusion thirty years ago, until Jem Hadar found a way to transport in and kill two dozen Soldiers. It seems that these Romulans or...there was a pause which seemed like a lifetime Something has a cloaking body armor, in the open lands there will be easy traveling under cloak

. In the mountains their unfamiliarity with the terrain ended up kicking rocks or causing small land slides.. they were very subtle, but enough to give us warning. Only four of the colonists know about the tunnels two are now dead. Jevak paused again looking at the Captain Once in the tunnels, the Romulan sensors won't pick us up and the mines will also protect us yet we'll have to find ways to gather food and water.