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Outer Umoth System: USS Archangel

"Commander Telru, First officer log, mission time +28:25, it has been six hours since leaving orbit and two from losing primary communication form Captain Salas' group. we are entering the edge of the system after tracing the emissions of the freighter that entered orbit when we left. I have strong suspicious that there were Jem`Hadar supplies on that ship, If not solders themselves. we will begin with a standard raidil sweep of the area and make our way back inward."

Umoth Prime Farm

Commander Vesna handed the Captain one cup, "We will easily be able to prove that the Cardassians were heading to a weapons stock pile among other things. One of the guards found the butt of a weapon underneath a pile of hay and after shoveling that miserable stuff, found several Jem Hadar rifles and body armor."

The two sipped there drinks for a minute before Ray looked up and asked, "T'Vess, seemed to govern this planet with a stern hand. i find it hard to believe that there would be a Cardassian weapon catch under his nose." Ray put the chip in a padd on the table and flipped through the menu till he found the data entry he was looking for. "Shortly after we arrived a Freighter arrived that was heavily shielded and has been farrier servile shuttles to a area in this general vicinity."


Vesna smiled Captain, the Admiral T'vess wasn't as in control as many would believe. We don't know what's going on in orbit. We only receive shipments from Admiral JVal's shuttle craft, we would directly beam Admiral T'vesses supply to his quarters and keep the rest. This farm to our knowledge had been abandoned for years now and the Cardassians (a pause) chose to reside in the mountains near the food supplies. We haven't monitored the area much until we researched the path of these rebels.

Captain Salas and Commander Vesna's communicators chirped simultaneously, the Romulan left the room to respond so Ray kept an eye out and answered the call from the Richthofen. The strong feminine voice of Lt. Cho'arie came through Captain we are arriving at the farm, is everything alright? Raymundo wasn't sure why the Commander rushed him to this house, so he looked through the window watching Romulan guards standing watch over the small Cardassian group. Jevak didn't look happy, but was having his team eating rations. The rest of the gear was spread out in a second area and being searched by another group. They're fine so far, but consolidate the groups outside of the area until we figure this out. The captain cut off his communications to prevent any tracking from unwanted eavesdroppers and began to walk slowly towards the room which Commander Vesna entered. As he approached he could hear some of Vesna's directives to her staff. Make sure the guards know, only I'm authorized to speak with the Starfleet officers any inquiries should be directed back to me. There was a slight creek from the floor, everyone in the house froze for a moment and the Commander cut off the signal.


The more Commander Telru and the crew investigated, the more the Andorian didn't like what was forming. They found tachyon particles and a very weak warp signature similar to those used by the old Dominion Attack ships, but Telru thought it was a little too easy and if these ships had only been seen when last reported there should have been no trace at all.

The traces led the Archangel to the Badlands, but with the amount of time Telru had gone without communications with the Captain chose to return to UMOTH PRIME. It seemed every step brought on more complexities; he figured the Romulan ships were cloacked again as there were no visual traces of any traffic. Sensors didn't pick up cloaking, but did discover a new wrench to throw into the pile...more tachyon particles and a fresh warp signature identified as a Jem Hadar attack ship.

Scans of the surface, located a sector with human, cardassian, and romulan signatures. This wasn't good..but it reminded the Andorian of an operation him and Ray were on and was hoping the Captain was remembering the same thing. Telru looked at the time, if Captain Salas was thinking of Operation Majestic then contact by the Captain would be made in about an hour. Maintain orbit and keep a close look out for any communications from the Captain. Now we wait for a call.