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Lt Shihab Alem
Lt Cho'arie
Cardassian Civilian Refugees

Umoth Prim: foothills overlooking the farm.

Cho steeped off the Richthofen into the noonday sun and walked over to where Lt Shihab was Helping the organization of the groups till they could find a way to get everyone to the tunnels, now guarded by the Romulan patrols. As Cho walked up to them the oldest of the bunch stood up and turned to watch her approach.

"Chip, I just spoke with the Captain, he and the last of the Cardassians are at the Farm below......we need to do somthing." She said looking toward the farm with a slight downward turn of the lip.

"So he told us to hold fast?" Said the Cardassian standing with Shihab, he smirked at the flash of annoyance in Cho'aries eyes and introduced himself. "I am Revok, former leader of the Council of Merchants of Umoth Prim.....and new village elder." he did not look that old to Cho, mid 50's with wings of gray in his close cut ebony hair, like the rest of the Cardassians he showed the look of having lived out in cave huts for the last few years and the last few days hard march though the mountain pass had put oppressed stance in the way he carried himself. Not a defeated stance, but only holding on, hoping for that break to lay down his load.

Looking around Cho was taken to her childhood, sitting on her mothers knee listing to her grandmother tell of fleeing Bajor during the occupation and life in the camps, of how she struggled to support herself and her son, Cho's father. (OHer Grandmothers first husband being caught and executed during the flight from Bajo)r. she had been practicing as a Midwife, when her Grandfather meet her, a young Betazed Doctor volunteering in the camps.

Cho knew that her and her family were fortunate, and she felt....guilty, guilty for her feeling happy when things like this could still happen in the Galaxy and hidden in that..anger, anger at the Romulans and let the pa'wreath take there eyes she was going to make them pay.


No, she was a doctor, she was needed here, with the people that badly needed some comfort and heeling.


"What!" she snapped looking up at Shihab.

"Just waiting for your mind to beam back to the here and now, as I was saying to Revok and you Mitsuko is reporting that the Archangel is entering back into orbit, we need to fill the Commander in on the situation.


Commander Telru's antennae were twitching nervously as the time approached to share status reports. The hour was spent silently thinking of the various aspects taking place; none of which made sense to the experienced combat veteran. The other bridge officers seems to have faded out of his perception although they continued taking readings and testing theories of the sector. When Mitsuko appeared on the bridge; Commander Telru communications with Lieutenant Alem being patched in now The Commander jumped slightly in surprise as a hand gripped onto his shoulder bringing him back to the present. Leiutenant Commander Holt stood next to him; Go ahead Mitsuko, patch it to the ready room. Mac knelt down next to the Andorian and whispered; I've found something the Captain needs to know. Telru looked at him inquisitively wondering what contraption or upgrade the Engineer made this time.


Chip looked at Mitsuko jokingly; What is it today, everyone become Borg or something? Everyone seems to be in the Gamma Quadrant on me. The joke was lost to the hologram and she took the comment seriously Scanning the sector there is a 0.001 percent chance of a Borg entering the sector all life signs on the Archangel are confirmed humonoids or living matter. Chip just looked at her, how could that joke not have processed her microchip.

Mitsuko paused; Lieutenant, the Commander would like the meeting in the Richthofen. Now that was new, what could that blue skinned ice cube want to meet privately for..there must be something more than just reporting the group's status now. As he helped Cho up from her kneeling position Well, lets get to it.

The two officers began heading to the fighter when Revok began walking as if to join them. Lieutenant, as I'm the defacto leader of the Cardassians and this situation seems to have snared us into it's trap; I'd like to join you in the meeting. Elam looked at him for a moment, the expression on Revok's face showed concern yet with a determination to help in whatever fashion possible. Mitsuko ask Commander Telru if it is o.k. for us to bring a visitor


Telru sat at the head of the table with Mac and Pappy beside him. In the Richthofen a very dusty group and a middle aged Cardassian. The Commander looked at Chip with his usual stern demeanor Lieutenant, what is the status on the planet and what is going on with the Captain?

Chip thought not even a hello how are you? Just like the Andorian, always serious and direct. Well sir, it seems that the Captain has become a guest of the Romulans. He is inside of the house with their leader, so the best we can gather is he is alive and Mitsuko makes regular checks on his vitals so he isn't being tortured or poisoned..yet. Mac and Pappy grinned for a moment, but the prototypical serious atmosphere around Commander Telru remained. We are maintaining oversight on your group, what is the status and are there any requirements needed for the colonists?

Lieutenant Cho cut in We're fine, we've got tarps being set up for shelter. We'll need rations as the Richthofen wasn't set up for Humanitarian aid. We'll need supplies of water and salt tablets. Now, what are we going to do about the Captain? Everyone just stared at the medical officer and her reddened cheeks with gritting fangs like a little Klingon Targ foaming for a fight. Telru looked at her, Lieutenant what do you suggest, there are three dozen heavily armed Romulans around the Captain; You have two phasers and a population filled with undernourished, unarmed civilians; we have unknown number of warships cloaked in our area. Everyone knew the Commander was right although his response a little to harsh. Then the Cardassian stepped forward and spoke; Commander, my name is Revok the senior of this group now. If I may ask, have you ever had the pleasure of enjoying Cardassian hospitality? if so, have you ever played Kotra

Before anyone could answer, Cho snapped again with everything going on, you want to talk about a game? This isn't a game Revok and I don't know why we let you join us? The Starfleet officers were stunned and the already aggitated Commander''s antennae began to twitch like the tail of a Diamond back rattler back on earth. Yet Revok maintained his compossure. I have murmurred Pappy, and the game is better strategic training than many can imagine.

Revok smiled at the comment; Yes, and it is a game that favors the bold. We are seeing the board being set up as we speak. We know the terrain, We know the objective, now we just have to find all of the pieces before we begin. Now Mac chimed in And I may have found another piece.

While we were waiting for the meeting, I found another Jem Hadar signal approaching the planet. Telru turned his head and straightened up at the comment, why didn't the Engineer mention this before? I of course waited long enough to confirm this and a couple interesting discoveries. The signal came from one of the Romulan's shuttle craft transporting cargo to the surface and it delivered its cargo in the main city.