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Umoth Prim Farmstead

Commander Vensa walked back into the room and retook her seat. the two officers siped their respective drinks till they were gone and after some small talk about greater glaaitic politics the Captain said, "how bout we take a walk around and get to the bottom of these mysterious shipments" he stepped into the afternoon sun and walked to where Javek and the others were being guarded. One of the guards stepped to block his path, although he did not raise his weapon, he would not with his Commanding officer only a few meters away; stepped aside.

"Enjoy your tea?" Javek asked, not without a tinge of anger in his voice. "Everyone doing OK?" Ray asked

Javek gave a half laugh, "we've been given water, and some rations, but I've been better."

Captain Salas turned and walked back toward Commander Vensa and said "give me another hour and well get this all strait" as he walked up to her he asked, "Now i really do need to see some hard proof or I'm afraid I'm going to have take a leaf out of my glassier of a first officers playbook and get tough."

"I of course waited long enough to confirm this and a couple interesting discoveries. The signal came from one of the Romulans shuttle craft transporting cargo to the surface and it delivered its cargo in the main city." The Engineer stated bringing up his readings on the monitor. " there is a warehouse slash processing factory on the North side of the city. However it Is heavily fortified” The Heavy Set Lieutenant Commander brought up a map of the area in question. “I am also reading many Romulan patrols guarding the perimeter. Now the main warehouse is shielded form scans but there are many emissions that I believe are tale tail signs of Old Dominion design.”

Shihab looked at his Commander in the monitor and said, “There are many was to approach this, one we could beam in a small party and gather intel, or recon in force. But if we are caught the Captains life and the other Cardassians are in danger. Will have to rescue the captain at the same time that we do this.” He drummed his fingers one the table for a moment And looked up and smiled at the Commander. “We could do a Dust off with the Richthofen, and meet the main away team at the factory.”

“I do see one problem with your plan Lieutenant” The Andorian said, once the Romulans are on the defensive, I know of at least one D'dredrex class warbird in the area and most likely more, and two as of yet unknown Jem`Hadar attack ships. As soon as our shields drop to beam a strike team to the factory we will be exposed. And wont be able to support them, I am not prepared to send men to battle unsupported.”

Mitsuko spoke up, “I am detecting that the captain has left the main farm house and is on the move”