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Captain Salas opened the container to find that indeed it did contain many vile's. Commander Vessna walked up to where the Captain and the solder were standing holding a kirtchif to her nose. "Commander", Ray said picking up and tossing a vile to the Romulan and laughed inside where none could hear as Vessna tried to catch it and keep the cloth pressed to her nose.

"The Cardassians my be the lesser of your worrys, It seams that Jem`Hadar are present and if my training prepared me for anything about them its that they wont be too far form these catches"


The meeting had been completed for hours, yet Commander Telru remained in the Captain's Conference room. It was clear to the senior officers that Telru was angry, but never to this extent. Mac and Pappy returned to their sections trying to fix the destination of the signals.

Commander Holt pounded on the panel None of this makes sense, first why would Romulans be transporting Jem Hadar equipment? Why here? and if this is in fact Jem Hadar forces, why would they be brought to a Romulan Compound here rather than the home world? Pappy just shook his head, I don't know. but I think I've found where they stopped at. The science officer pointed to a large manse within the Colony. Mac looked at the layout of the building and then to the Ensign; Let me guess, that isn't the cargo hold.


Revok spent the afternoon standing on the ridge looking at the farm house, until Lt Alem walked up. Still playing Kotra? Revok continued to stand silently as if in a state of meditation. Chip saw the Captaiin do it before, in his quarters when things weren't making sense.

After a few moments Revok turned to Chip Yes, I apologize for not responding..the pieces to this game are very The Cardassian paused What? asked the security officer. Revok looked to the sky, clouded with dust and thick blackened clouds. We are facing a Kotra master I am certain and we have failed to identify the true attack. Everyone here sees different clues, we have different strategies,

we are all bickering, yet one thing we all agree on is that what we are seeing doesn't make sense. The Cardassian Kotra players call it the Straufmek. Chip looked interested So, what are we missing? Revok smiled That is the true question my boy, lucky for Starfleet and the fellow Colonists... I am a Kotra Master as well.

Main Engineering : USS Archangel

"Busard Collectors?" The Heavy seat man said looking at the Ensign handing him a report back in main engineering. "Yes Sir, They are due for their bimonthly cleansing and inspection."

"Look son, I appreciate you keeping on top of your work but if we flush the Collectors then our sensors would be blinded for ....," He paused and furrowed his brow.

"Only a matter of minuets while it dissipated."

"Hot DAMN," the Ensign was startled by his Chiefs outburst. as Mac slapped his knee and garbed the pad out of his hand and headed to the turbolift.

"SIR?" the Ensign shouted after him.

"Get ready for the order to follow through in a hour, good job"

Administration Center Deck 3: USS Archangel - First Officer Office

Telru was tired, his shift ending nearly 2 hours ago and him planing to catch some sleep while he could. Not that he was angry at his Chief Engineer, his plan was solid but it also was a big gamble.

"Mr. Holt, I think you have come up with a great plan, Flushing the Busard Collectors will mask any singles form this ship for a few seconds while we beam a team into the manor." Telru drummed his fingers on the table for a second and said, "get a report though Mitsuko, have Lt Shihab ready to drop in and grab the captain while the Romulans are distracted.

"Aye Sir." Mac said and walked out to make preparations.