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04-17-2012, 01:45 AM

Commander Telru sat in the Captain's office shuffling reports. He hated the fact that Captain Salas was still involved on the Planet. The newest status reports from Cardassian space was perplexing to say the least. A raid of an abandoned Ketracel White plant on Andarak Prime, an assassination of a Cardassian diplomat on Pentath III, and a missing cargo vessel from the Cestis system.

So far the evidence pointed to Jem Hadar attacking areas in Federation control. In Cestis, a Jem Hadar shuttle left behind or at least Jem Hadar equipment. In Pentath III Jem Hadar sniper rifles and of course the Ketracel White plant. Yet, Telru was concerned; the Jem Hadar are as much an honorable warrior species as the Klingons and wouldn't resort to assassinations.

Reports indicated that 6 of the Cardassian Defense Force and three Federation cruisers were hunting for the missing cargo ship, three CDF ships searching for the assassin, and four CDF ships along with the remaining 4 Federation ships trying to find the raiders of the plant. The borders are extremely thin and even a Borg fleet could sneak through in this state.