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04-17-2012, 05:01 AM
Now thats what I call bar compression (an old Guild Wars term where we had 8 skills and certain synergies made skills twice as effective meaning you could put a whole other skill in). 5.5k dps is extremely respectable.

Id buy a nebula, but I cant get over that its aesthetics. My theory is that they were too lazy to come upp with a new ship so they used Enterprise D parts.

I saw your damage tests on another thread and immediately switched from PSW I to III. I mainly used it for stun, but hey, 13k damage? Yes please. Even against shields thats atleast 3k. If Im not mistaken, CPBIII is 4.5k and a 45sec cool down. And against unshielded? Dayum, thats a 30 second tricobalt with 3km radius and stuns twice as long. Thank you Cryptic for atleast this one ability.

I thought about using disruptors for a while, but realized the proc is only to hull. I know in PvP, people have resists, but what about PvE? If their resists are already at 0, can it go negative? I made a thread a couple days ago asking these questions but no one seem to know. In PvP, people usually pop when their shields are gone anyways, whereas in PvE, (STF) the targets have health in the millions and cutting that down by 10% would be great.

And good news on the science front. I found this post this morning.

Originally Posted by BorticusCryptic
Still looking into the Accuracy issues ya'll have noticed.

In the meantime, wanted to give a heads-up that I just checked in a bunch of resistance-related fixes and balance tweaks for a build that will hopefully land on Tribble in time for some weekend shakedowns.

Most notably, resistances granted by "Power Insulators," "Sensors" and "Inertial Damp(en)ers" have been tuned back from 75% to 50%.

Other fixes include changes/improvements to Gravity Well, Subsystem Repair, disable durations/resists, Confuse immunity, Hazard Emitters, and a few power drain abilities that couldn't be properly resisted.

Watch for full patch notes, coming soon!