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04-17-2012, 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by Taldari-Warship
The things i want from STO are for them to add a way for us to design our own ships for our alien characters, Each species in the Federation and in the Klingon empire had their own star ships before joining these factions, so why not make it so we could design a ship and maybe a special item for that species, Like a the impulse burst or the point defense system kind of item. Each item could be submitted to the game with some details on how you wanted it to work so they can make sure its balanced with the rest of the game items. They could just make a simple program for creating your own ships, and special ship items. Beyond these i just want them to make it so the players can be more unique.
my input: posably add this to Foundery options, if accepted it becomes a Foundery made mission that actualy has an award for that single mission (the new item)