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04-17-2012, 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
I was listening to the Priority One interview with content designer Charles Grey. Honestly, it reaffirmed a lot of what I thought about content production, the mindset of content creators at Cryptic (building missions around showcasing gameplay mechanics and gimmicks), and the direction, focusing on replayable content.

At the same time, I've seen swarms of players who want to leverage Foundry-style content or want more storyline content from Kestrel without necessarily pushing the tech in every new mission. The interview with Gray suggests that the focus for the content team is very much bleeding edge mechanics and he confirms that is why they take so long to develop missions.

I think this leads into the perpetual "What is content?" question and I think what a lot of players want falls outside of what the "Content Team" does. So if what we're asking for isn't content in the eyes of Cryptic, maybe what we need to be asking for isn't "More content" all the time but, very specifically, for Kestrel to get a staff dedicated to advancing storyline through "lower budget" missions while the core content team focuses on its gimmicks and wacky tech hookups.
I was considering making a thread about this... there's no need for every mission that comes out to have some super awesome new tech or things like that. The Featured Episodes are supposed to be special - a few of them a year, with their voiceovers and cutscenes and new tech is fine, but the majority of missions released should just be missions. No need for movies or voices, just let us play the game!