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Captain's log Stardate 89900.65
ISS Ta-Sardar-Gor Captain De'Liah recording.
Encrypted: Forgotten Fleet of the Valkyrie protocol 22315

I swear, one day I am going to kill Admiral Wilcott. She and her "superior human blood" will be spread across the Bridge of the Mnemosyne as I devour her heart in front of her entire crew. She lords over me constantly, always reminding me of how my people and the Alliance were defeated and were slaves by right of conquest. That I and others of my kind are allowed to serve in the new Starfleet is a courtesy and a privilage. My blood boils at the thought!

The latest insult is our current assignment, a trade negotiation with the Ferengi. Wilcott wants me to obtain a supply of Lobi crystals for some secret purpose she does not deign to reveal to me. The Ferengi have been insufferable. Greedy, unscrupulous, scheming creatures. If I had my way I would have gut the first one that came to the table instead of just putting him in a coma. I was so angry with him that at my daily sparing practice I broke three opponent's arms, two legs, a collar bone, and snapped one spine. I do prefer to deliver discipline directly to my crew instead of relying on agonizers.

The Ferengi, led by a Damon Frazek, were much more cooperative after the incident. Things went smoothly and expediently. We took aboard a moderate supply of Lobi Crystals in exchange for some obsolete equipment and surplus supplies. The Ferengi have only just gone to warp as I make this recording...(The sound of the Comm interrupts the recording)...pause recording.

Supplemental entry:
I will kill every Ferengi I lay eyes on! We were deceived! The Crystals are not Lobi at all, they are worthless, common quartz implanted with frequency resonators to appear as Lobi. (A faint whine is heard followed by a bellow of pain.) AAAHHHHHHhh, nothing like a jolt from an agonizer to get my focus back. We have set course to follow the Ferengi. Their warp signature is quite broad and easy to follow. I have my Elite assault squad ready to take the ship when we find it. I will lead the boarding action myself.

Supplemental entry:
The Ferengi are crafty creatures. They dropped decoy drones to create multiple warp signatures for us to follow, then changed course while one drone continued down their original course. Unfortunately for them my crew are very proficient at tracking enemy ships. We have seen such tactics before used by the newly formed Orion Empire and their Naussican, Gorn, and Klingon allies. My operations officer was able to identify the decoy drone wakes and regain the Ferengi's path without loosing too much time. We are slowly closing on Frazek's ship under cloak.

Supplemental entry:
Our boarding action was swift and efficient, just as I have come to expect from my crew. We decloaked on top of the Frazek's ship and fired a spread of torpedoes to drop them from warp. We tore through their shields easily and were beaming aboard within minutes. The Ferengi put up little resistance as we tore a swath of gore though the Baroque decorations of the corridors. My Bat'leth has not tasted so much blood in a long time. We took what crew we did not slaughter into custody. The interrogations were swift once we realized that telepathic probing was ineffective from both Betazoid and Vulcan methods. They broke quickly after a short time in the agony booth.

Frazek was not interrogated with his crew. I saw to him personally. I stepped out of his cell after an hour of interrogation with the location of enough Lobi Crystals to supply the Admiral's intentions several times over.

Supplemental entry:
Our goal completed we deposited our Ferengi prisoners on the planetoid where we obtained the Lobi along with what was left of their ship after my engineers were finished with it. They will serve as an example of what happens when the Forgotten Fleet is deceived. Frazek remains on board and will be taken before the Mistress Admiral for his crime against us. I may not be able to kill Wilcott yet, but I will take pleasure in what fate she will bring upon him.

End Log. Encrypted: Forgotten Fleet of the Valkyrie protocol 22315