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04-17-2012, 11:42 PM
Originally Posted by Eklinaar

KDF Recruitment Assignments
  • General Draft Authorization
  • Orion Enlistment Order
  • Orion Conscription Order
  • Nausicaan Contract Extension Orders
  • Nausicaan Mercenary Contract
  • Gorn Conscription Order
  • Gorn Military Induction
  • Lethean Imperial Recruitment

KDF Recruitment Zones
  • Qo'noS First City, Klingon Academy, Ganalda Station: General recruitment
  • Omega Leonis: Anything other than basic "Klingon Recruitment"
  • Eta Eridani: Gorn, Nausicaan, Lethean
  • Pi Canis: Nausicaan
  • Regulus: Orion
  • Sirius: Orion
  • Gamma Orionis: Gorn
where can I find[*]Lethean Imperial Recruitment? The npc isn't in klingon academy where I found the orion, gorn, and nausicaan. And where are those second recruitment npcs for the orion, gorn, and nausicaan?

Thanks in advance!