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04-17-2012, 11:43 PM
Well I put a Tac in mine. Regarding the "not enough science slots" notion, there's not many on escorts, yet a Science piloted escort can be very, very bad news for the other guy. Between sensor scan, dampening field and subnuc, it could be quite effective. And if any cruiser's gonna point a subnuc exactly where you want, it's the Galor. I know somebody on OPVP has a Sci Galor, I forget who, but it seemed to be working when I flew with and against it. All that said, my advise also Tactical, but there's nothing to say Science couldn't work.

Also, something else to consider rather than beams is turrets/single cannons, the Galor has the agility to keep that on target, you've got three shield facings you can present for your "all guns" attack as opposed to two, and cannon type weapons do more hull damage than beam ones, at the expense of being effective at range, but this is mitigated by the Galor's agilty a lot of the time. Also, with cannon rapid fire, you'll be proccing relatively often, and with phasers and/or tetryon glider, this can prove devestating.