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04-18-2012, 12:10 AM
Originally Posted by starflyer24
Short term-

A few more Melee weapons. I noticed that the Jem Hadar have Gigantic metal Kar-Takins. Yet they seem to dematerialize when the Jem-Hadar is killed. I want Kar-takins!!! Talara-utar, my Jem-hadar bridge officer, demmandi it! Preferably with a hidden ketracel-white injector. If he is going to disembowel, let him do it with style and a big spear.

Mid term reply.

More things to buy for Latinum.
Specifically, more than just asthetics. I have, in my bank, many old cardassian lockboxes. The keys fetch a hefty price on the exchange, something I can't afford. Maybe, just maybe, the galor cruisers and the starving crews inside of them can be let free, for just a little (and by little, I mean ferengi little) latinum. I would also like to see maybe a few functional items being sold, like ferengi weapons and armor, or other things like uniforms. I'm not asking for a lot of C-store items. All I want is something besides some overpriced holoemitters and trophies, something that will make Latinum become more than Gold Plated Toilet Paper.

Long term- Iconians+ featured series+ starfleet= awesome. Also, I would like to note that, at the end of cutting the cord, when you had to destroy the gateway in the science lab, I noticed something odd. Col. Hakeev was entering the iconian gateway, even though I had just killed him. This could be a glitch, but what if it wasn't? Anyway, Iconians in the next featured series would be an amazing addition. I can finally get back at that unidentified vessel from Taris!! YOU SCRATCHED MY PAINT JOB!! YOU WILL PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYY!!!
my input: maybe put a max you can buy with Latnum a day, by adding another retailer, they sell C-Store grade items, for Latnum, BUT, only have a "limited supply" and can only sell 1 of them a day (or 3 days)

this way it doesn't interfere with C-Store to bad, but can get some unopened boxes finaly open (seeing as boxes arive much faster than people can make the real worldf money to get C-Points for the keys)

(I figure at once every 3 days to a week, on items being avalable from the "C grade Latnum dealer" would make a lot of people happy, yet C-store sales still shouldn't drop (considering keys, and considering those that buy them just to place on exchange, because everyone would like more than 1 key a day, besides, after opening 1, they will want to open another, and again... call it a sample)