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04-18-2012, 01:25 AM
Originally Posted by thibash
I get confused about cannons at times, my apologies.

Having said that, the Odyssey is still a great ship in my opinion. But ultimately, you'd be best off with the thing you like best, not what may be most powerful.
I'm probably thinking with my present assault cruiser flight patterns I should do well with the Excelsior's superior maneuverability. I don't think the Odyssey would be as durable a battleship as I'd hope since I already have tanking experience with an Aegis star cruiser.

I could make the Oddy tank as well as a star cruiser but... I'd end up with exactly the same Tactical boff options which is basically nothing.

Aesthetics too appeal to me and I'd rather seen in a beat up old Excelsior on hindsight. I'ts more 'exclusive' right now as most are purchasing Odysseys. Thanks everyone for the great conversation so far. I'm still at work and have yet to purchase the actual ship (or the c points to do so).

The antique Excelsior is ironically winning all the key decision points right now for a tactical assault cruiser, ironically.

There is an underdog here... in a neighbouring thread there is mention of a powerful Tactical Nebula build. I just wish that ship didn't look so cute with its stubby proportions. I'm also used to having excessive Engineering boff skills and excessive weapon hardpoints. Tricobalt mines doing 24k damage to hapless Borg chocolate pastries ftw.

Speaking of TCB Mines - a newbie question.

What happens if I use Dispersal Pattern with a TCB mine device? Will I get 24k x 5 damage per salvo?