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04-18-2012, 01:33 AM
the sci version of the odyssey is really nice for its sensor analasys, extra self and teamheal, and the more favourable Boff layout compared with excelsior or Galaxy x.

but the excelsior has superior manuverability, and combined with the ltcmdr tactical slot is a better offensive choice.
But the odyssey is far more versatile in my opinion, and i think it would fit your playstyle as healer/supporter better.

at the end you will have much fun with both, so go for whatever you desire the most.

Plus there's the persistant rumor of a Soverign Retrofit on the drawing board.
that is true and it will come, and i would wait for that...actually i will and if it has a reasonable Boff layout and some other cool stuff, i will get one!

PS: for the galaxy x you should switch to phaser weapons to further buff the lance