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04-18-2012, 01:51 AM
For starters forget the Odyssey. Offensively speaking it just doesn't have an edge over the Galaxy-X or Excelsior.

Now down to the nitty gritty.

Gal-X Vs Excelsior

Lets say the Galaxy-X is equipped with dual heavy cannons and turrets, while the Excelsior is equipped with single cannons and turrets. While the Gal-X's turnrate would make this a problem in PvP, NPCs are generally not tactically minded enough to get out of your firing arc, making such a build very feasible.

With cannon rapid fire 1 the Galaxy-X will do more damage then the Excelsior will do with cannon rapid fire 2. However, since the Excelsior can also take cannon rapid fire 1, allowing it to cycle the two abilities, the Excelsior will end up doing more sustained damage. That said, the damage difference between an unbuffed Gal-X and a cannon rapid fire 1 buffed Excelsior is minor. Also the dual heavy cannons will crit for MUCH larger amounts.

Basically if you need to destroy something fast and have it in your sights (like a transformer), the Gal-X is your ship. In a longer running fight (lets say against a Tac cube) the Excelsior has a very slight firepower advantage. Even then the Gal-X may come out on top due to the spinal lance.

The Excelsior however is a dream to fly and doesn't require an ability with a 5 minute cooldown to make it so. The Gal-X however always feels like it's fighting you when your using dual heavy cannons.

If you were thinking of flying one of these cruisers into PvP, I'd pick the Excelsior. The optimum damage build (dual heavy cannons and turrets) for a Gal-X is just infeasible when fighting fast moving escorts that know your dual heavy cannons have such a restricted firing arc.

Basically the Excelsior is more well rounded, good for both PvE and PvP. The Gal-X pretty much only excels in PvE, while in PvP it'd be as effective as an Assault Cruiser. If you're never gong to PvP, then I'd say the Galaxy-X, as long as your ready for it's turnrate.