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04-18-2012, 03:10 AM
Originally Posted by VulcanSarnn
Other online games like Jade Dynasty and Voyage Century Online has ways to gain credits easily or
leveling up other than doing quests. I think the reason for the forum is to help the creators in cases like
this for input in how to better the game or good suggestions. Or if they overlooked something.
I'm thinking in this case, being able to extract various minerals from asteroids, recycle floating wreckage debri and exchange downed enemy weapons, devices, etc. would be a good way to gain credits.
Another is there should be various means at the Sol earthbase to earn credits in the game. I don't like cause I can't sell any available items in inventory or off my characters for credits. Some things turned
in for credits that would be high importance (advance ancient artifact, enemy secret transmissions, unknown alien crystals, etc.) could be used as bonus points for player to be rewarded, from three
choices. Like honor or material bonus. Another high importance is towing abandon/damaged spaceships
back to nearest starbase or earth space station.
Your suggestion is much too complex, I'm afraid. It's overkill.

It's really easy to make Energy Credits ingame. Too bad you can't really buy good stuff with it though because of the 10 000 000 EC limit on Silver accounts. All the good stuff sells for more than that.

If you can't sell any available items in your inventory, it's only because you're unaware that there are vendors in major starbases in most sectors that will buy your stuff from you at 1/2 its listed EC value. Sol Earth Spacedock's vendors are in the section beside the Club. You click to requisition equipment and you will see there is a "Sell" tab above the list of items. If you choose it, you will see that the list of available merchandise will now be replaced by a list of your own sellable inventory items. Enjoy.