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04-18-2012, 03:24 AM
Originally Posted by Stefanie View Post
Could you reveal some more Details, as like which version of PhysX you used, and how significant the improvements were?

I only have a GT440, but i'd like to give it a try, if i knew exactly what Version Number is needed. I loathe the fiddeling around with x diffrent lib versions while risking to smash the whole driver installation. This might evolve into a quicky-sticky workaround to fix this. As long as the devs stick to the same lib version, that is. But if they finally upgrade to a newer version, they might use a gpu-enabled one anyway.
Yeah, I also have a GT440, it doesn't play nice with the shadows in STO (I keep them turned off) but its a rather good card. Updating PhysX would be nice of the devs to do, would improve performance quite a bit in high-debris environments (even overall). The graphical performance of the game is something that the devs need to look at, despite DX11, the graphics haven't had a major overhaul/cleanup since the game's first release....