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# 9 Timelords Anniversary
04-18-2012, 07:43 AM
Dear fellow Captains!

We are one day late, but nevertheless it is a time to celebrate. Everything began with these lines back on the forums of ST:IS.
Quoting Fleet Adm. Q here:

" Sunday, April 17th 2011, 11:14pm
I LUV spamming ^^

This thread is for people who are planning to create a guild when the game comes out. You can post the name, people you invite, etc...

My guild: Timelords (name is subject to change)
I invite... EVERYONE!

~Fleet Admiral and commander of Timelords alliance~ "

Yes, we celebrate our 1st Anniversary! The Timelords Fleet has stepped into its 2nd year, to boldly go where no Time Lord has gone before (... by the way, is there such a place?). This - red-inked - date is at least so important for us, like First Contact Day. Many changes were brought to the Fleet in this year: setting-up sites, forums, rules and regulations and personnel changes. Let us go onward, as I wrote on one of my first propaganda images "Into the unknown ... together".

On behalf of the Council of Admirals,
Adm. Dorus

P.S.: Feel free to drop by our sites!