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04-18-2012, 08:58 AM
Originally Posted by masterkamp
No not as a Galaxy variant, the Ambassador is smaller than the Galaxy, so if you do that. than it isn't cannon annymore. The Ambassador comes after the Excelsior Class and bofore the Galaxy. And that's how it must be in the game.
How about as an Excelcisor Variant? I've had an idea about this this week. Ever since the Heavy Escort refit came out I've felt that Tier 3 has been unbalanced. While Refits and Advanced vessels are both +1 in terms of effect, the flavor seamed off to me. The lack of additional parts for the Tier 3 cruiser and science vessel felt off as well.

Now, If we go with the thought that a Refit is not the same as an Advanced ship, it opens the possibility of an Advanced Crusier Refit, especially since the Tier 4 ships have been Refited and Retrofited.

This would be the Ambassador. In terms of appearnce, I think the Ambassador can be broken down into the same pieces as the Excelcisor and with different materials kit bashing would provide more design options.

As a Tier 3 +1 +1, this could push it to a base Tier 4 with a different configuration than the Exploration Cruiser. In terms of ship evolution, it would be better than an Excelcisor and about on par with the Galaxy while still inferior to the modernized Galaxy.

As a costume, it would also be available for the Tier 5 Excelcisor and a player can now reasonably stay in the same ship from Tier 3 onward without much loss.