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04-18-2012, 08:30 AM
Originally Posted by O-G-Money
Am i the only one who thinks that the 3 different variants of the flagships should be 3 different class ships? i mean technically they are all engineer ships, whether they call them a science, tactical or whatever. I mean, im not complaining about the ship per say. i like them alot, but i think the science variant should have a commander science BO. and the tactical variant should have a commander tac BO.
You have a misconception that ships are tied to player class. They are not. Any "class"/type of captain (Engineer/Science/Tactical) can fly any class ship. A player adds their abilities to the ship to supplement its strengths or make up for its weaknesses. So for example:

Player abilities:
  • Engineer: +survivability (repair/power)
  • Science: +buffs/debuffs (support)
  • Tactical: +dps/maneuverability

Ship strengths/weaknesses:
  • Cruiser: High HP; slow movement
  • Science: Support (built-in buff/debuff); lowest base dps capacity
  • Escort: High speed, highest base dps capacity; very fragile
  • Carrier: High HP, support and built-in targeting debuff; slowest movement
  • Raider (BoPs): Highest speed, unpredictable BOff layout; extremely fragile

In this way, players can mix/match ships to suit their preferred playstyles. You're not locked into a certain ship class just because you picked a certain type of captain.