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# 5 Tier 5 Connie or Connie refit
04-18-2012, 09:22 AM
Finally the "Grey Lady" gets her day in court, a Tier 5 Connie, holy crap I finally take on the Borg, Kirk style and put up a fight against the Excelsior and Galaxy classes. Plus when "Children of Khan" STF comes out and you go into the Mutara Nebula, I finally get to have my live Wrath of Khan "Nebula Fight"!!!!! I got the Wraith of Khan soundtrack all lined up and have possible builds all laid out. I'm STOKED!!!! Id take this over new STF's any day. I hope you have the option of the Refit or the normal one and Cryptic releases it like they did the Enterprise F and has a free Cruiser version for those light C-store users like me.

Goodbye Excelsior and hello Beautiful!!! *stares at 1701-A"