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04-18-2012, 10:46 AM
Well, speaking as a captain who has and enjoys both the Excelsior B and an Odyssey-Ops, I can say I constantly bounce between the two when trying to decide which I enjoy more.

The Odyssey has flexibility with its two universal BOFF slots, and is thus able to do duty as an assault cruiser, defense cruiser, or support cruiser as mission or whim require. In addition, the unique bridge is a nice change from more 'traditional' bridges available (though I wish they'd fix the mismatch between the side rooms and the bridge hull). With its fifth hull slot, 3000 additional hull and increased shield modifier, it has a nice ability to tank in any profile. However, while the OPs version can partially offset it while chevron-seperated, the slow turn rate can be a problem, as can the slow accelleration/decelleration. Also, in order to enjoy the Aquarius bridge, you are locked into the default Medium interior for the rest of the ship.

The Excelsior has manueverability on its side, enjoying the higher turn rate at all times as opposed to the Odyssey's only having it while cheveron-sepped (with a 5-min break between those). Also, the third Tactical console slot combined with the higher-level BOFF slot gives this ship a better all-around feel for being able to deal with various situations. Finally, modifying the interior of this ship feels much easier as you are not 'giving up' anything by doing so.

I don't have a Galaxy-X, so I can't give first-hand advice on that ship. However, I would estimate the Cloak and Phaser Lance give the ship better ability to strike a hard opening hammer blow, but after that the ship would perform below that of either an Odyssey or Excelsior due to the limited BOFF arrangement. On the other hand, the Galaxy-X has a BOFF setup closer to that of an Assault Cruiser, so you probably wouldn't have to re-train your BOFF crew as much for this ship.

Ultimately, I think all of these ships perform well in different ways. The Odyssey is the most flexible in terms of being able to be tailored to the mission at hand. The Excelsior is the most balanced of the three and capable of doing almost everything a Cruiser is expected to do well, if not exceptionally well. The Galaxy-X is the hardest-hitting alpha strike cruiser of the three, but is geared more towards PVP and fighting other cruisers than the other two ships (I imagine Escorts would pose a grave danger to the Galaxy-X).

The most important thing is how -you- feel about each ship. Running a ship you dislike is the fastest way to make a ship feel like a wasted purchase. Based on that, I'd say the Odyssey is definitely not the ship for you (sounds like you dislike the appearance and commonality of the ship), so I recommend you drop it from consideration unless you really feel you can get to love it. Between the Excelsior and the Galaxy-X, I'd say get the Galaxy-X only if you intend to PVP or act as an attack ship in any missions you do, and/or if you like the look of the Galaxy class better than that of the Excelsior. Otherwise, get the Excelsior for its well-rounded advantages.

Finally, as has been noted, there is word of both a T5 Assault Cruiser design down the road, and the impending Galaxy package which may alter both the Galaxy-X and Galaxy-R. As the current Assault Cruiser is not that different from an Excelsior (with the exception of the built-in transwarp drive of the Excelsior), I'd recommend holding off buying any of these ships until you see what's coming down the line and sticking with the Assault Cruiser you have for now.

Hope this helps a bit.