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I am a level 50 Engineer that primarily fly's escorts. I am currently working on a cruiser build and am considering just going all beams. Previously I know that this used to not be feasable because of energy consumption. I have noticed that since I started playing again that energy drain was not as bad as it used to be. On my escort I currenty run all energy weapons with 1 quantum torpedo launcher to hit Torpedo High Yield III for a nice damage spike when the enemy shields drop. My problem is that with a cruiser other than your alpha most of the time you are not going to get much benefit from your torpedoes as you will be broadsiding. My concern with mines is that until you get within 4km of the enemy they are also fairly useless.

I would like to know what everyone thinks about these configurations and why.

Also if anyone has any good information on console stacking I am currently stacking 4 antiproton consoles on each other... I have read that weapons consoles do not suffer from dimishing returns if you stack them. Is that the case or is the 4th console all but pretty well useless?

Thanks for all your responses I am interested to hear what everyone has to say.

BTW I would like to apologize for my poor english... I am American :p