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04-18-2012, 10:26 AM
How will you know every shot triggers the drain proc?

The PvP community had these questions about all kinds of procs. Weapon procs, other procs.

We arent even sure if they are based on how many bolts you fire, or if it depends on the weapon cycles.

also we arent sure if any proc in this game (which has to be triggered by a weapon bolt/shot/cycle) is activated even if the particular shot is parried or missed.

Unless you know a definitive answer to these questions there isnt much else to base any fact on unfortunately.
Also the combat logs do not show these kind of details

This has always been a weaker point of the game, the limited amount of real details and information we get from the devs. The in-game descriptions are sometimes even worse. It got better since Season 4 but the amount of information we get from the devs is still pretty bad.