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04-18-2012, 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by Jo-Shuan
Hello Cryptic,

I have a neat idea for how to use the bridge with the current way the game works...

1. Players could have the option to conduct missions from the bridge. In the bottom right corner of the screen where actions normally reside, we could have a list of commands we can give to our bridge officers. For instance:

Helm, set course...
Helm, ___ impulse...
Helm, warp factor...

These commands would actually send us on our way to the next mission! We would have the option whether or not to view the ship flying through sector space and take manual control (See BRIDGE CONSOLES below), or stay on the bridge and listen to reports coming in from our bridge and duty officers, such as "Sir, we have arrived at Starbase 39 Sierra."

2. MAIN VIEWER - When traveling through sector space, the main viewer could show the animated starfield streaks that we all know and love. Same with windows on the ship and the dome above the bridge if it is transparent. At our destination, the main viewer would show the same 3D map you see in tactical view.

3. BRIDGE CONSOLES - The Helm, Sciences and Tactical consoles would be interactive. Walk up to them, press F, and switch to the view outside the ship with all of the current in-game controls. No more transporting to and from your own bridge... lol. If the ship is about to engage in battle, the view would automatically switch to tactical view outside of the ship. (I imagine this would be both easier to code, and far less frustrating for gamers to play than issuing "Fire torpedo..." commands to their tactical officer from the bridge.)

Thanks for reading!
my input: on #2, simply make the main viewscreen show the normal in space veiw (but scrolled in to 1st person mode, instead of displaying "full screen" to the player, display that immage on the veiwscreen

one of the consoles or a loe priority message notification, would allow you to toggle between moveing camra angle on veiwscreen, or moveing your ground char's camra angle. (posably only accsessd if sitting in the Captian's chair on the bridge, so you would be, sitting in a position to veiw the veiwscreen)


someimes implementing things can be dificult, and an outside input, of a posable way,could help get it implemented. (this is the reason I'm even adding input on some of these, eather to show the Devs how I think it could work, or to tell the sudjester why I think it won't)