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04-18-2012, 11:21 AM
Both cannons have the same firing cycle length, so tetryon glider shield drain should be the same for both, but DHC's have +10 critical severity by default.
But dual cannon have 2 firing cycles per one Dual Heavy cannon cycle... so general dps is 2x

I personally use Borg Deflector + Borg Console and Omega Impulse Engines Omega + Shield. The Omega Impulse engines are hyper-impulse based, so they will have the highest top speeds available when your captain is optimally spec'd with max warp core efficiency + potential, not to mention engine batteries. The Omega Shields have higher recharge levels (221+ on escorts) but also good shield capacity (5700 for escorts) -- basically a borg regenerative shield without the low-cap weakness, and the occasional speed boost proc.
I use omega shield and deflector, + borg engines.
Borg engines have very nice sector space speed bonus + energy bonus to engines system (more defense), while omaga deflector increase accuracy of weapons (=more damage)
I personally go with Antiproton for burst damage. Unlike procs which are confined to 1 check per firing cycle, every shot is checked for critical hits.
Where it is confirmed? We can test it, if you want.

This was supposedly fixed in the most recent patch, but I haven't had time to confirm it personally.
even if it happen, it is fortunately still OP