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Hi folks,

I just wanted to throw this to a larger audience. It seems, that the 8 beam array beam boat build for cruisers is not the optimal solution, in respect to DPS.

Yesterday I asked, whether the Power Insulators would work like the Nadion Inversion skill. The answer from Borticus was a clear no. He also specified, more or less, the damage output of each pulse of a beam array volley (4 pulses per volley).

As a conclusion of this remark, I recalculated the mean damage output, using various weapon power levels, while shooting one to eight beam arrays simultaneously.

You can find the tables in the following spreadsheet:

As far as I could discern, this supports Borticus assertion, that using only six instead of eight beam arrays would be more effective. Seven beam arrays would be more effective as six, as long as you can maintain a power level of 125, and this will only result in 10% additional damage.

My question is now, if this is also applicable to the usual Escort layout, using three dual heavy cannons and three turrets. If my formulas are correct, then using three dual cannons and three turrets would result in a little bit more DPS, although this would come at the cost of critical damage, as the dual cannons lack the 10% additional critical damage modifier.