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04-18-2012, 04:13 PM
Originally Posted by Cyres-of-BSGO View Post
my input: maybe put a max you can buy with Latnum a day, by adding another retailer, they sell C-Store grade items, for Latnum, BUT, only have a "limited supply" and can only sell 1 of them a day (or 3 days)

this way it doesn't interfere with C-Store to bad, but can get some unopened boxes finaly open (seeing as boxes arive much faster than people can make the real worldf money to get C-Points for the keys)

(I figure at once every 3 days to a week, on items being avalable from the "C grade Latnum dealer" would make a lot of people happy, yet C-store sales still shouldn't drop (considering keys, and considering those that buy them just to place on exchange, because everyone would like more than 1 key a day, besides, after opening 1, they will want to open another, and again... call it a sample)
That sounds perfect. Once every day would be good. There should be certain items available every day, like keys, and as surprises, they can add in various other stuff, like Surprise C-Credit Packages, which are available for a limited time on random days. Completely unpredictable, motivating people to actually go to the dealer in quark's or drozana. Anyway, if this is actually added, the crew will have to give up their gold plated toilet bars. I expect that to cause some unrest amongst the crew.