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04-18-2012, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by Faelandaea View Post
You completely misread what I posted. I wasn't bragging at all. I just said I hope they donít make it TOO much easier like they did the rare tech. I SUPPORT increased drop rates. I just wanted to put in feedback that I hope they donít make them as common as they did the rare tech. There needs to be a compromise that rewards those who stuck with the program and grinded for their gear, balanced with keeping it rare as it should be. I have 4 more characters and their bridge officers to get their Mk XII gear, and I think it WOULD be nice to have an increased drop rate - just not AS much as they did with the rare tech.
Appolgize then for the misunderstanding. But instead of increasing drop rates we should've gotten a free requisition when unlocking the higher STF accolades. Problem solved.

Originally Posted by vesolc
I guess you don't work hard enough. DRAGOOOO
Yeah, guess 4 months and 800 STFs, while 0playing with expert players and one of the PW team isn't hard enough work.