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04-18-2012, 05:55 PM
  • Updates to support craft/fighter behavior:
    • Birds of Prey from Vo'quv carriers should tend to circle about until they are facing opponents while cloaked.
      • This way they can make attack runs with their forward cannons.
    • Combat support craft have better detection of when there are no enemies left and will return to their owner immediately.
      • This will help to keep separated saucers, fighters, and other support craft from hanging around next to warp core breaches at the end of a battle.
    • Resolved an issue that was impacting the ability of To'duj fighters to receive carrier commands.
    • Scorpion fighters will now accept carrier commands, and will join formation flying with other fighters from a carrier.
    • Space pets of all kinds should have much less trouble with falling behind the player, and even if left behind, should catch up now instead of falling further behind.
    • Prometheus MVAM components will now follow in formation.
    • Resolved an issue with formation spacing when companion small craft were very close.
    • Birds-of-Prey carried in launch bays should be more likely to use their dual cannons now.
  • Fast pets with slow owners, for example Birds-of-Prey with a Vo'quv, are no longer capped to a low speed after going into Follow mode.
    • This means they’ll no longer continue to be slow even when switched to Attack mode.
  • STF Borg:
    • Slightly reduced damage output of all classes of STF Borg.
    • Cubes and Tactical Cubes saw a slightly greater reduction, percentage-wise.
  • Slightly reduced the damage output of all Dreadnought-class ships, game-wide.
  • The Tellarite ground trait, Pig Headed, has been updated to reflect its description and now works on the ground only.
  • Updated Target Subsystems: Shields, all ranks
    • Updated magnitude of Shield Drain and Shield Energy Drain on Dual Beam arrays to match Single Beam arrays in functionality.
    • Rank 3 of these powers no longer causes them to heal shields instead of damaging them.
  • Added an HP buff to Horta combat pets to compensate for the fact that they do not have shields.
  • The tooltip for Cardiopulmonary Respiration should now clearly indicate that the revived target comes back with 25% Health.
  • The Ketracel timer UI no longer stops counting down after a certain amount of time.
    • The actual timer always worked properly, but the UI will no longer fail to update with the correct time.
  • Reverse Shield Polarity Damage Trigger tooltip no longer reports an incorrect magnitude.
  • Viral Matrix has had its duration improved.
    • A small amount of this increase in duration is on the base duration, but most of it is from application of the associated skill.
  • Corrected spelling of hangar item "Tachyon Drone".

  • Team portraits should now correctly always appear in space.
  • Updated the exchange:
    • Resolved several issues with looking at Duty Officer details.
    • The Energy Credits price input will now display the value with separators.
      • E.g. 10,000,000
  • Added a Queue button to the calendar if the event has a linked queue.
  • Private Queue owners can now kick members in large group queues
  • Duty Officer completed assignment outcomes should no longer be drawn outside of the row.
  • Updated the calendar UI so it now scales properly when the window is resized.
  • When loading a previously saved ship costume from the ship tailor, the changes made no longer revert back to the default costume.
  • The Cancel button once again correctly closes the window to which it belongs.