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04-18-2012, 07:39 PM
the gal R and Oddy O have a seperate nice which makes gal R very viable in STF's they are the only

crusiers that can use eject warp plasma to devistating effect and lay down a excellent smoke screen and

really saves the day in some cases and that added mobility means its more nimble and can use torps and

other items more often with devistating effect and the power lost can be mitigated as an engie. and i don't

see the BOFF layout as restrictive it is not in my opinion it gives the stardrive a chance to tank hits and not

only that the saucer can be an asset with saucer seap it gains some of the consoles you use like

antimatter spread. the gal R and Oddy O are my crusiers of choice for engineers and other captains if i

use crusiers.