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04-18-2012, 06:44 PM
Um, maybe drop the RCS module, since its only a slight improvement (you'll be slow no matter how many you have), and add a Neutronium console for all-around protection (particularly kinetic). You'll probably want to track down the Borg Assimilated Module console as well, for the boost to weapons power and crit chances, swapped in for the Field Emitter or Shield Emitter. Also, most people in Dreadnoughts use phasers so that the phaser relay consoles (instead of antiproton mags) also boost the spinal lance. Also, Transphasic weapons really aren't that effective and have a low rate of fire (particular the cluster torpedo), and you'd probably be better off just mounting quantums or photons, depending on if you want spike damage or rate-of-fire.

Defensively though if you're packing the Aegis set, thats a pretty solid array so long as you stay in motion.

BOFFs, if it were me I'd turn the Aceton Beam into Extend Shields 3, and the ES1 into Aux to Dampeners 1 (for the maneuverability boost). Jam Sensors could become either Hazard Emitters 2 (for a solid hull heal) or Polarize Hull 2 (for a resistance boost and getting out of tractor beams). Lastly torpedo spread 1 doesn't do a whole lot. Either go High Yield for a damage spike, or combine Beam Overload 1 with the Spinal Lance to blow big holes in things.

Your setup seems to have your head in the right direction though, certainly better than a lot I've run across.