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04-18-2012, 06:50 PM
1. You aren't running phasers. The best build will always run phasers. If you aren't interested in the phaser lance grab the as. Cruiser.

2. Your ship turns like a pig. So either run it as a cloaking burst unit with Dc or duck or as a Conv. Cruiser with beam arrays or single cannons and turrets.

3. Ditch the aegis. Grab the Maco shield with Borg everything else.

4.weapon, aux and subspace item is what is needed in the battery space.

5. Neutronium is THE Eng most important item you need in the eng slots. Put 2 there, the Borg universal and an Epsom flow regulator, 2 if the beam boat.
Sci should run the field embitters or if running the beaker, the Borg console gets shoved there.

6. Tac console space should only have phaser consoles.
7. If you cant doff yourself to 1 tt get 2 Lvl 1 tt. FAW for beakers ctr if cannons.

You should have 4 eptsomething, preferably 2 epts3 and 2 eptw1. Grab aux2sif3 as you will want a useful Comm power. Still afraid of dying? Grab 2 Rep, 3 shield main officers and 2 hazard officers.
Grab either tss or has embitters for your sci slots.